Hotel Lucky Residence by Ribas


For the first time in my life I wanted to leave a review. The hotel pleasantly surprised us with its service, food and room of incredible beauty. My husband and I really enjoyed the rest, we will be back again.
- Alina
отзыв 1
If you want to feel the buzz, then come to this hotel! We had a rest with a girl for all 1000%!
- Alexei
отзыв 5
I didn't know that there could be a hotel of this level in Zatoka. I felt like at the resort. I advise!
- Catherine
отзыв 2
I thought for a long time where to propose to my girlfriend, chose this hotel, did not regret it! Sea view, romance, all the amenities in the room, delicious dinner. Thanks for the great service.
- Max
отзыв 4
I wanted to change the picture in front of my eyes and get out for a couple of days somewhere to the sea. How glad I am to have found this particular hotel! For 2 days I rebooted and rested so that now there is more than enough energy and inspiration!
- Svetlana
отзыв 3
Would definitely recommend this hotel! The interior is tasteful, the food in the restaurant is top notch, the beach is superb and the sunsets are such that even I took pictures! I had a great rest, thanks!
- Alexander